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Individual and Family Planning:  Our retirement planning process is value based and client focused.  Unlike many retirement planning services which focus only on quantitative calculations, our process begins and ends with your goals, your family values, and your dreams.  Only after we understand these qualitative issues will we begin our quantitative analysis.  Once we have designed strategies, we will test them against many different types of market conditions to help ensure that our final recommendations are solid.  Our quantitative analysis partly relies on Monte Carlo simulations in order to ensure that your plan can work even in the worst economic and financial conditions.  Our commitment does not end there. We will review and adjust your retirement plan annually in order to account for changes in your life.

Small Business Retirement Planning:  In today’s world it is not enough to simply “save”.  Smart saving includes taking advantage of tax benefits which are provided through employer sponsored retirement plans.  Many small business owners can set aside in excess of $200,000 per year before taxes, but are unaware that this option is available to them.  Many more that are already relying on employer sponsored plans, such as 401(k)’s, are paying too much in fees and not receiving enough in service from their providers.  Our process is to review your plans, reduce your fees wherever possible, and create value by conducting periodic performance reviews and making changes whenever necessary.  We will ensure that you, as the employer, understand your fiduciary liability and we will assist you by recommending providers that may help reduce your ERISA Section 3(38) and 3(21) fiduciary responsibility.


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