What is Financial Management Strategies known for?

We feel that we are known for designing easily understood strategies to the financial planning* process through our Financial Management Strategies Process and our focus on independent, proactive personal advice.  Like our name, we become the “financial management strategist” for all of our clients’ wealth management concerns. We strive to become viewed by our clients as their personal CFO.

What is the Financial Management Strategies Process?

The FMS Process outlines your entire relationship with Financial Management Strategies. We developed The FMS Process as a client centered life encompassing, strategic planning process. It isn’t a four step process that ends after you become a client and a plan is designed. Instead, it is a continuum, a process that is ongoing as your needs, goals and life change. Our focus on our clients is the foundation that determines how we design and set goals for investment performance. Our underlying philosophy is that chasing market returns is only good for a sprint. Pursuing consistent returns based on your goals is why we developed The Financial Management Strategies Process to focus on you and helping you set goals and then ultimately aid in working toward these agreed upon goals, objectives and passions.

What Services does Financial Management Strategies provide?

The consultants of Financial Management Strategies provide independent, objective personal financial planning advice and services in close cooperation with your other professional advisors. Our specialization is Comprehensive Financial Planning* an integration of all of your financial needs. As part of our Financial Management Strategies Process, we review cash flow and tax strategies, estate planning techniques and risk management that helps you design a financial road map for life. Financial Management Strategies delivers and coordinates a full range of financial services that may benefit individuals, families, corporate executives and small business owners.

What is Financial Management Strategies investment process?

Financial Management Strategies, Inc. was founded with the philosophy of delivering disciplined investment management and an outstanding client experience.

Some investors – and some financial advisors – focus exclusively on returns when choosing or monitoring investments. While returns are important, they do not tell the whole story. How were the returns captured? What was the market environment? Simply put, trying to protect against tomorrow’s risks with yesterday’s strategy can derail an investment plan and lead to emotional overreactions.

Our vision is different. We have a forward-looking approach, one that aligns your portfolio with the evolving secular markets in order to try to capture returns and balance risk consistent with your goals. We will work with you and your investment team on an ongoing basis to ensure that your investments remain aligned with your goals.

This approach is embodied in a few core themes you will hear repeatedly when working with us:

  • Asset allocation is more important than timing or security selection. We believe that how you allocate your investments across asset classes is the single most important factor determining portfolio performance.  Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss.
  • The market undergoes deep secular cycles that require flexibility in the investment approaches used in your portfolio. Keeping your portfolio aligned with the market environment is a key to working toward your long term objectives. 
  • Institutional capabilities may improve results. The markets are more global and inter-connected than ever before. In our opinion, the discipline and resources of institutional money managers are critical for developing sound investment plans. 
  • Emotion is the enemy of sound investing. Whether it’s chasing returns or fearfully retreating from a sound investment plan in response to a negative surprise, emotion undermines objective, long-term decision making.

These core themes are the foundation on which we build your investment plan. The greater your understanding of these core themes, the more likely you are to maintain a disciplined investment approach and make considered changes only when prudent and necessary.

Our promise is to keep you informed every step of the way to ensure that your investment plan continues to work toward your needs.

What is Financial Management Strategies service philosophy?

Service excellence is the norm.  We use a team approach for our small, successful group of clients. We pay close attention to detail and focus on a proactive relationship that emphasizes communication, education and an outstanding client experience.  We strive to consistently provide meaningful strategies for our clients. You can expect immediate assistance whether working with your personal advisor or another member of our team.

How is Financial Management Strategies Compensated?

Our advice is independent, and primarily provide fee-based Investment Management*. Many of our clients prefer the advisory platform (offered through LPL Financial.) that allows us to pick more suitable investments, money managers and financial products available that can help meet your goals. This can limit potential conflicts of interest that may develop with proprietary product based firms. For clients with limited needs or that prefer other arrangements, we remain flexible with other options available.

As a Financial Management Strategies client, will I have online access to my accounts?

Yes, Financial Management Strategies clients have online access to view their accounts. Additionally, clients may have access to the Financial Management Strategies Wealth Management System. This single secure location streamlines your accounts from over 5,000 providers (i.e. 401(k), bank, brokerage accounts, etc.). It also includes your assets, private documents, insurance coverage’s and your retirement and cash flow models. They are up-to-date and accessible whenever you want them.

Can Financial Management Strategies provide value if I already work with an accountant, money manager or attorney?

Yes. Clients often come to Financial Management Strategies with various trusted advisors but with no one advisor overseeing the whole. By coordinating your professional advisors and ensuring the congruency of each professional’s advice, Financial Management Strategies can integrate and potentially enhance the value that each provides.

*Financial Planning and Fee-Based Investment Management is offered through LPL Finanical.